Nick Planas

Composer and musician

Nick Planas playing Ravel's piano, August 2009I am a composer of orchestral and chamber music in a number of styles and genres, including music for the stage, and educational music. I have composed several large orchestral works, two operas, several musicals and a number of chamber works and music for solo instruments. I have also written a novel, Distant Vengeance.

My musical influences are quite varied: composers such as Ravel (I’m playing his piano in the picture), Stravinsky, Debussy and Prokofiev are my main influences, but at the same time I used to listen to Hungarian Gypsy music and 1960’s pop music – it all goes into the melting pot when I am composing. I have also been greatly influenced by the Norwegian composer Lasse Thoresen, and by my friend Richard Leigh, who writes such enchanting choral music.

As well as composing music, I am also an experienced conductor of shows and orchestras at every level, from beginner to professional orchestras.

I can sometimes be found in the orchestra or theatre pit, playing flute, piccolo, alto and bass flutes, and have been known to play clarinet and saxophone if required too.

When I’m not composing or performing, I teach woodwind, music theory and composition in schools and privately in my studio.

Thank you for visiting my website – you can listen to some extracts of my music, and order tickets for future shows as and when they become available. If you need further information about any of my works, please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will answer as soon as I can.