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A Pony Called Fred (Piano solo – 1998)

This was my first solo piano work, composed as a present for a friend whose pony was somewhat quirky and troublesome but a real character. She described him to me as half-English and half-Arabian, very prone to darting off at a tangent when out riding, but very skilled over the fences. The first piece consists of 5 very short sketches, all continously linked, of Fred starting out (1), going off excitedly (2), being brought back under control (3), gliding over fences (4) and finally finishing on a high (5). The second piece (In Memorium Fred) was written a few months later - Fred had died in rather unfortunate circumstances - but I felt it was an extra part of the original work as it uses all of the original themes.

A Pony Called Fred (5 short sketches)
In Memorium Fred
Sheet music (including free P&P in UK): £15.00