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Suite No.1 for Woodwind Quintet (2000)

This Suite was composed for a woodwind ensemble comprising 2 flutes, oboe, clarinet and bassoon. Each movement is self sufficient, in the sense that there is no melodic motif running through the suite. Indeed, there is very little relationship at all between the movements, as they take inspiration from a wide variety of sources. However, it will be noted that each successive movement has one extra beat in the bar, from 2 beats in Mov't.1, to 7 beats in Mov't.6. You could try testing your audience’s observation skills by seeing if they spot this! (The slight exception to this is the Rag in 2/4, although this could easily have been written in 4).

1 – Allegro giojoso

2 – Gymnopèdé

3 – Rag

4 – Pentesque

5 – Lento

6 – Geamparale

All recordings were created using Sibelius 7 Sounds

Score & Parts (including free P&P in UK): £29.50