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Fanfare and Caprice (Music School Staff Orchestra – 2001)

This short work was commissioned by Rey Lear, then Head of Centre at the Brackley Music School, to commemorate the school's 25th Anniversary. The plan was to include every adult and member of staff in the music, so we had a really eclectic mix of instruments - with some of the non-playing teachers playing percussion instruments too! It was a lot of fun, although it was my public conducting debut and hence a little nerve-wracking!

The music was meant to depict the various groups and activities which take place during the school morning - including the break time, with a subtle variant of Boys & Girls Go Out To Play.

I'm seriously considering rearranging this for a more usual mix of instruments - it might work well as an introduction to a stage scene, for example.

Created using Sibelius 5 Essentials