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Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (2011)

For some years I had toyed with the idea of composing a piano concerto, but it was after hearing Dominic Piers Smith playing with the London Philharmonic Orchestra that I felt inspired to “put pen to paper”. The finished result is dedicated to Dominic.

The three movements are very different, but are a reflection of my musical influences and general outlook on life. Whilst this is a 21st century work, I consciously wrote in a post-romantic style, which I believe is more accessible to mainstream audiences than some of the more specialist musical movements of the modern era.

This is a live recording of the pianist Dominic Piers Smith playing the cadenza from the 1st Movement during the premiere performance, 2nd July 2011 (recording by Steve Pogson)
I – Allegro – Vivace – Gymnopédé - Allegro This is a clip of the opening couple of minutes of the concerto, which gives a flavour of the style of the work as a whole.
II – Of Tranquillity This is a clip of the opening of the second movement, which features a Tibetan Singing Bowl in F#, which is played through much of the movement.

III – Tarantella - Jig - Waltz - Geamparale

The following three clips are of the sections of the 3rd movement. Imagine the piano and orchestra at a dance - the piano being the centre of attention, showing off all the latest moves. The orchestra becomes bored with this and wants to play a sedate little waltz, but the piano butts back in and turns it into a jazz waltz. Finally, the piano dares the orchestra to keep up in the rhythmically challenging Geamparale before the final crescendo.

Tarantella ...
... Waltz ...
... Geamparale

Total Duration: 26 minutes

Orchestration: Fl/Picc, Ob, Cl, Bsn, Hn, Tpt, Trb, 4 percussion (Timps, Kit, Mallets, Untuned), Hp, Strings, Piano

The Score & parts are available for hire (which also includes the Tibetan Singing Bowl) for £280 plus carriage, for up to 12 weeks. Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange hire.

Sheet music (including free P&P in UK): Piano part only: £25.00
A4 Study Score: £30.00